Founders Day Statement

Founders Day Statement

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Thank you for helping us celebrate our 69th Anniversary Founding of the Children’s Home of Virginia Baptist (CHVB). The CHVB Board of Trustees, The Baptist General Convention of Virginia, The Virginia Baptist State Convention and the staff, are pleased to have you celebrate with us.

During this celebration, we are reminded that CHVB is here because of the vision of our founder, Dr. Charles S Dodd, and the early pioneers like Mr. James S. Ritchey and the Baptist Church Bodies, who helped to create CHVB. They were striving to create a “haven of hope” for those who were not served and group of underserved African American children. The founder wanted children to have opportunities so they could seek and find the best in themselves as well as provide opportunities for them to become wholesome, loving,, productive and spirit filled citizens.

No laws or legislation required or motivated the founders to create CHVB; they were motivated by the needs of children and their families and the love in their hearts for humanity. That’s why today we still refer to CHVB affectionately as the “Legacy of Love”. There is nothing that the world needs more of today than the love, spirit, commitment and hope that was exemplified by our founders.

The challenge to help people become better is intertwined in the purpose of CHVB. It represents a commitment to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for children and families. We must work to keep that dream alive for future generations. We must be good stewards of this great historic legacy.

We have not forgotten that we are here today because of the perseverance of may stead-fast supporters. Each one of you that are here, are among them. Therefore, on behalf of our Board of Trustees and the staff, I extend this opportunity to thank you for your support and the role that you have played in getting us here today. Our sincerest gratitude is to:

•Members of the clergy, churches, religious groups

•Members of the Virginia General Assembly, past and present

•Chesterfield County Administration, Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors and Chesterfield County Police Department

•All of our local elected officials in the Tri-Cities who we also depend upon

•The business community and local vendors whom CHVB depends upon for operations of this facility

•Chesterfield County Public Schools, Virginia State University and the City of Petersburg for their support and cooperation

•Individuals, organizations, and servicemen who have for the last eight years made the Christmas Drive for Needy Children and families an Overwhelming success

•Our limited part time staff for multi tasking, improvising and doing much with less

This is a critical time for CHVB. Our Board of Trustees is conducting a much needed Capital Campaign to pay off the mortgage on the Ritchey Multipurpose Building. We can be assured that CHVB will be around as a beacon of hope and enlightenment for families and children by supporting the Capital Campaign. Please keep in mind that, as we support this special fund raising effort, your continued monthly donations are desperately needed. Our existence is very fragile and we are not close to are goal. We require the monthly donations to assure that daily operations and financial obligations of CHVB are met.

We currently have an excellent licensed Child Development Center. It is very affordable and is currently recruiting and accepting applications for the fall semester. Our Before and After School Program is also licensed. More than thirty students were enrolled during the previous academic year. As appropriate space and resources are available, CHVB will offer a top notch Summer Enrichment Program. This program has been very popular and successful past years.

In the Ritchie Multipurpose building, CHVB provides competitively priced catering services and banquet facilities. We encourage our supporters, community partners, and others to use our facilities.

We are very grateful for the support and understanding that we have received. Thank you for your indulgence. Please join us by taking on the spirit that propelled the vision of our founder. Join us in saving, preserving, revitalizing and developing our beloved Children’s Home of Virginia Baptist, Inc..

My Best,

Dr. Jean R. Cobbs,

Saint Mark Delivers!!

Thanks to Saint Mark Missionary Baptist Church, who delivered paper towels, tissues, napkins, hand soap and hand sanitizer. In addition, Saint Mark Senior Missionary Ministry in partnership with:

Saint Mark Baptist Church

Bon Secure Medical Group Central Billing Office

Trident Equipment Group and Friends

In additional Saint Mark donated a gift card to purchase bleach. We are so very appreciative of your time, efforts and contributions. Please accept our sincerest gratitude for taking the time and taking the drive. Special Thanks to Bishop Curtis Edmonds, Sr for his support and the support of his members. Again, we thank you with all of our heart.

CHVB Gets Grant for New Playground

The Children’s Home for Virginia Baptists Child Development Center has been awarded a grant in the amount of $10,000. CHVB Board chose to purchase the playground equipment pictured below, appropriate children ages 2 through 12. The grant was provided by Virginia Dominion Power for playground safety upgrades and a playground landscaping project. CHVB is currently providing quality and affordable child-care services, preschool education and before and aftercare for children of working parents.

Donation made by Virginia Birdies