CHVB Upward Sports League

 In partnership with Upward sports, CHVB will offer recreational basketball, cheerleading, flag football and soccer. 360 Progression will help youth athletes discover and develop the skills that are need both on and off the field, by creating strong character, confidence and faith.

FAYE (Family and Youth Empowerment) creates a community of empowerment for families and or youth, without borders and without excuses to achieve. Our program will encourage and enable success regardless of the surrounding or environment. Youth and or families will be assigned a mentor who coordinates and implement valuable activity plans. Progress of each mentor and mentee is monitored and documented to enhance program success.

Family Nature Club

This program is designed to strengthen and improve families with creative low cost and quality activities. The objective to expose children and youth to nature and increase time out doors has been proven to improve creativity, increase and improve health and fitness and to embark upon awareness of youth. Nature clubs are a great way to obtain all the benefits in one. Inspires families and friends to enjoy the great outdoors with fun and healthy adventures.

In addition to pure family fun, our nature club will motivate families to compete against other clubs completing specific task and winning prizes.