Who We Are:

The Children's Home of Virginia Baptist, Inc. (CHVB) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), child and family service organization.  CHVB was organized in 1947 for the purpose of receiving children into care who had been separated from their parents or guardians.  Those children needed full-time care, maintenance, protection and guidance. 

In 2009 the Children's Home received a $49,000 technical assistance grant from the Cameron Foundation.  The grant was used to hire consultants from the Child Welfare League of America to conduct a Community Needs Assessment.  This study was designed to help determine the service ministries which CHVB might most effectively provide.  In May of that year, the results of the study were shared with the community.  In 2010, CHVB developed it's Strategic Plan which was influenced by the data contained in the Needs Assessment.  CHVB and it's constituents remain committed to the "Legacy of Love" created by it's founders.  While current service delivery trends are not in the direction of providing residential care, CHVB has been reluctant to relinquish the capacity to provide the residential care ministry.  The reluctance is based upon the statistical data and the high levels of need and family dysfunction reported among African American and others.  Therefore, CHVB will continue to retain the capacity to provide residential care, when there is greater future demand in the future.   

CHVB is committed to meeting the service delivery needs of children throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.  CHVB works closely with parents, relatives, community service agencies, mental health and health care providers.  CHVB serves as a community advocate with the best interest of each child's total welfare in mind.  

You are invited to view a short CHVB "YouTube" presentation. 

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